Somehow THIS is all my fault?

This is for you TRICKY DICK in case you didn't see your holiday card. I figured that maybe YOUR WIFE got it first and threw it away. Anyway, this is what was inside the card, along with the birthday card (unopened) that you sent me last year.


REALLY? You are blaming “THIS” on me? You and YOUR WIFE stole from me and somehow, it is my fault? That is just laughable!
If you have got something to say, say it to my face. Do not say shit about me behind my back. Be a fucking man!

Mom told me that you said all of “THIS” could have been avoided if I had reached out to you.  What “THIS” are you talking about?  “THIS” where you both stole from me.  “THIS” where I was texting YOUR WIFE asking her for my wheelchair back and her telling me she did not borrow it for her sister because you do not use a wheelchair when you have knee surgery. Then YOUR WIFE tells me she remembers picking up a wheelchair for Virginia. I specifically said to both of you in the basement that this wheelchair does not get returned to Virginia. YOU promised me it would not. So, “THIS” ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF YOUR WIFE (and you) would not have LIED to me. If YOUR WIFE knew she was not borrowing it for her sister who was having a knee replacement, because according to YOUR WIFE, you do not use a wheelchair for a knee replacement, then what was she "borrowing" it for? So, either you knew what was going on or YOUR WIFE was lying to you too. You claim Virginia manipulated YOUR WIFE, so how did you get manipulated into stealing from your son? I sent you an email over 2 years ago and never received a response. I guess you had better things to do!

After I sued YOUR WIFE, you texted me and said I wish you would have sent me the text messages between me and Virginia. WHEN was I supposed to send those to you? Back in 2018 before you and YOUR WIFE stole my wheelchair? I guess I am not grasping that logic. That statement makes no sense unless you and YOUR WIFE knew exactly what you were doing. Please help me make sense of that. How do I show you something before you steal from me, if I do not know you are stealing from me?

YOUR WIFE messaged me saying she did not borrow the wheelchair for her sister because you do not use a wheelchair for a knee replacement, but she remembered picking it up for Virginia. Funny, the text messages do not lie, but apparently YOUR WIFE does.

And speaking of Virginia you should hear the shit that YOUR WIFE tells her. Virginia could not wait to run and tell me and John. Apparently, she does not like to stick around because she has her own family, and Richard's kids are so selfish and never offer to bring anything over. I am sure you already know this. Or does YOUR WIFE lie to you too? Virginia was always telling YOUR WIFE she needed to get out of that relationship. But YOUR WIFE told Virginia she can handle you. Apparently, she got you to steal from your son.

See, you are on the wrong side of History AGAIN. In 1982, you told me that I was jealous of you because I wanted your wife.  GROSS. In 1985, after Mary left you, I told you all the horrible, shitty things your wife did to us growing up, you told me my stories just do not Jive with what your newly returned wife said. You called me a liar. One year, you accused me on Christmas Day of saying your wife's ring was fake when I was talking about the fruit on the table. You would not listen to anyone at the table or reason so I left. And out of all of these, you never once apologized to me. So, I am just assuming I will never get an apology from you and YOUR WIFE for lying to me to get that wheelchair for Virginia. I am sorry, I am never going to believe that Virginia lied to YOUR WIFE and that somehow clears her of lying to me to get that wheelchair. So, when she was "borrowing" my wheelchair she knew all along that she was lying to me about borrowing it for her sister. The question is DID YOU KNOW SHE WAS LYING TO ME?

Also, if Virginia was the bad person in this whole scenario, why am I being blamed for everything? Why couldn't YOUR WIFE just tell me the truth? After all this, why didn't YOUR WIFE just tell me the truth? YOUR WIFE continued to lie to me and then ignore me. I told her ignoring me would not end well. I had no other recourse. YOUR WIFE told me she could not give me what she does not have. I am not going to stand by and let someone lie and steal from me, and then just ignore me. Especially YOUR WIFE. THAT IS WHY SHE GOT SUED. YOUR WIFE should have told you I was texting her asking for my wheelchair back. I am pretty sure she would have said something to you and that I was upset and accused both of you of lying to me. So, I find it hard to believe you did not know anything about “THIS”!!! 

“THIS” ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF YOU AND YOUR WIFE WOULD NOT HAVE STOLEN FROM ME IN THE FIRST PLACE! YOUR WIFE lied to me and got what she deserved. I told YOUR WIFE ignoring me would not end well, but YOUR WIFE did so anyway. That is why YOUR WIFE got sued. So, next time you steal something from me, ask me if I have any text messages first, that way “THIS” does not happen again!

LIKE I SAID, YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY AGAIN.  I understand that you need to stick up for YOUR WIFE and that is fine. I am not the one in the wrong here and you know damn well that is true. Anyway, know you are going to your grave not talking to your son AGAIN. It is not going to bother me one single bit. It is not like it matters anyway. The only times I ever heard from you since 2018 was when you needed help with your computer. Other than that, I do not even exist! Here is your birthday card, unopened. I had no desire to open it. I feel like a dumbass because I texted you saying, “Sorry to hear about your house in Florida” not knowing you were talking shit about me at Brittney’s wedding.