Jeffrey Scott Warren... LIAR, LIAR! I know you like to pretend you didn't read the e-mail that I sent, but I know you did. You just don't like to hear bad things.  You know my accident was your fault. It was just another one of your selfish acts. I told you all the way up the hill that I did not want to go down on the inner tube. I also told you that it was your turn and I wanted to go down on your sled. I told you I was just carrying the inner tube up the hill for you. When you got to the top of the hill you jumped on your sled and said, "later sucker." I said, that fucker, and proceeded down the hill after you. This is when I went into the river and hit a log and broke my neck. To make matters worse, YOU MOVED ME! YOU MOVED ME! That is the WORST thing you could have done. Remember  you kept asking me after the accident if I remembered anything before the accident.  I kept telling you no. Which was true for a while, but then I started to remember. I just never told you.

I know all about you telling some guy on that I was cranky with the nurses at Edwin Shaw hospital. You know damn well that is a lie. Telling guys how you had to calm me down and take up for the nurses. You think you are such a fucking hero, but you're just a fucking liar. All the nurses there loved me. How dare you lie to people to make yourself look good! I am lying in a hospital bed and you are trying to pick up guys on I asked you a couple of times what you were doing when I heard you typing in short increments. You told me you were typing e-mails. I knew you were lying then.

I noticed once you started working for VXI, the call center subcontracting company for AT&T, you deleted your profile. Why is that? Were you afraid someone you worked with would find out you are gay?  Why did you lie to me about your job at VXI? You left out the part that it was VXI and just told me it was AT&T. After you sent me an e-mail telling me you got the job, you never answered my e-mail. The email where I asked you, isn't getting a job something you call your best friend and tell him? You sent me an e-mail because you were too afraid to tell me on the phone. You took the coward's way out. You didn't even care if I had someone to help take care of me. After eight months of not hearing from you I sent you an e-mail asking for my garage door remote back. Then, I had to send you a text because I hadn't heard back from you. You gave me the lame excuse that you don't check that e-mail account any longer. I sent it to three different e-mail accounts that all went to your phone. It was just another one of your lies. You just didn't want me to know you read it because you don't like to hear bad things. Unless of course, it is something bad that you want to say to me.

How do you live your life knowing you hurt another person and causing their life to drastically change for the worst? Then, you find a way to abandon that person, who was supposedly your best friend. PATHETIC!

MORE LATER! stay tuned till next week... I will be posting the entire transcript of the 2010 recording on my micro tape recorder. Then you and the world will get to see how I felt about you and dating you.  You also get to find out why I couldn't bring myself to say I love you. I think you get to find out why I broke it off with you so quickly.