I read an e-mail Tim wrote to John, Tim says, "don't know what to say about rick.......I'm trying to find some sort of feeling there but frankly john....I don't feel anything.......maybe since what has happened I have been able to put my protective wall up to prevent myself from feeling anything towards him......he has screwed with my emotions three times in my lifetime and it won't happen again......I wish him well but steve and I have talked and steve said we gave him the chance to be back in our lives and he ruined it......he feels like rick took advantage of me......was glad that I was able to help him as much as I did but just wants to walk away from him and be done with him......he's mad that rick robbed us of our friendship with you and now you are going to be gone in the near future and that makes him sad......"FUNNY THING IS I never messed with Tim's emotions three times in his life. TIM doesn't listen very well. I met Tim in 1998 through John Sanchez. John and I could not understand why Tim and Steve were dating. Tim always talked about how he didn't love Steve and how they hadn't had sex in seven years. We both kept asking him why they were still together if he didn't love him. Tim did not have an answer for that. At that time I was dating Eric Jones and after we broke up, Tim was always there trying to console me. After New Year's, Tim tried to sleep with me. I told him it was not happening because he was dating Steve. Tim came to me and John and told us he ended things with Steve. Right after that is when Tim wanted to sleep with me. A couple of weeks later I got an e-mail from Steve saying, "if I have to lose Tim, at least I lost him to a nice guy like you." I was like, WHAT? I e-mailed Steve back and told him, Tim and I were not dating and that he did not lose him to me. John and I were under the impression that Tim broke up with Steve because he didn't love him. Tim got mad at me because I told him I didn't have the same feelings for him that he had for me. When John found out that Tim and I have slept together John got mad at Tim for taking advantage of me when I was sad and upset from breaking up with Eric. John said that Tim used him to get information about how I was doing and he used that to his advantage. While the three of us were not talking, Tim got back together with Steve, but with stipulations. Tim told Steve he would take him back if he could have sex with whomever he wanted. Steve agreed and that's what Tim did.
I have no clue the second time I played with Tim's emotions???
Back in May of 2013 I sent Tim an e-mail that I had written in January but never had a chance to send because I was busy with four classes at school. We agreed to talk about what had happened back in 2004 with Mike Byler. Tim and I had stopped speaking because Mike Byler told me Tim was pressuring him because Tim couldn't keep his feeling for him in check. Mike sent me some e-mails from Tim where Tim was telling him not to put all his eggs in one basket with me and another e-mail where Mike supposedly stood Tim up to come see me. Mike used to try to play head games with me all the time. One night he had done something that pissed me off. I was really furious and then Tim popped online. I sent Tim an IM message on AOL and told him what a jerk Mike Byler was being, I was angry and I was venting to Tim. Tim decided to save our conversation and promptly e-mailed that to Mike Byler. The next day, I told Mike exactly what I said to Tim. Mike said to me, I already know. Tim e-mailed me the conversations last night. Anyway, I was getting downright pissed off at Tim. I never expressed any anger towards him, but he kept asking John why I was upset with him. John knew exactly what was going on. Tim kept giving John excuses, but John knew back then Tim was lying. John kept telling Tim, just call Rick and apologize and all will be forgiven. That was all I asked for back then. That never happened. Tim insisted to John that he had no clue why I was upset with. You see, I never once said I was upset with Tim. Again, John knew that Tim was not telling him the truth, but John let him hang himself.

The black pants were pressed!